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About Me

My Teaching Philosophy

As an avid crafter, inspired writer and versatile artist, I have been sharing my enthusiasm for varied media with children, teens and adults for over 20 years.

With artsy homeschooled children of my own, I have found outlets for experimenting with different types of art and sharing their joy in creating something they can entirely call their own. I have been running private workshops and camps for many years, and I learn something new each time I meet a new group of budding or seasoned artists or writers.

I am also a college instructor, where I have found that students thrive in a hands-on and visual environment. I couple my lectures with projects and optional community experience, which brings "home" the subject matter in a very personal way. Each student is taught as an individual, even in the largest settings, so they can began molding their futures in a way that works for them.

Even when I teach at stores, I dislike the“prototype” or those corporate samples that show how a finished craft should look. Twenty children leave with twenty corporate-identical crafts, copied inch by inch to look like the sample or well-meaning parents hover over, leading exactly where to put the googly eye on the ghost or how to strategically place gumdrops on a gingerbread house.

For that reason, I bring no samples but an enthusiastic description that children can visualize in their own minds and we ask that parents kindly busy themselves outside of the craft room for an hour or two so that their children have the freedom to " just create" without too much guidance. 

For teens, it’s this and more. I like to hear about their art experience. If they want to turn a Spanish clay vessel into claymation or Chinese Brush Art into Japanese anime, I welcome any chance to learn from them. With experience as a Girl Scout leader, an art teacher, an event coordinator, an author and poet, a substitute teacher, a camp leader, a homeschool mom, and, by trade, an anthropologist, my diverse background lends certain patience and flexibility to the workshops. I leave any the day’s stress at the door and lend your children my full attention and invite a social, relaxed atmosphere.


I teach at your location – private home, church, school, library meeting room, shop, community center, wherever you can gather a group. I offer private instruction, too.

Recently, I have been teaching at:

Fairfax County Libraries

Prince William County Libraries

Loudoun County Libraries

Middleburg Community Center

Michaels Craft Store

Center for the Arts

Alexandria Libraries

City of Falls Church Libraries

....and many private events.

Workshops are fun, versatile and exciting. I am happy to provide you a list of references upon request. For fun news about many of my classes or what else we have going on, please see our Facebook page.

Contact me to chat or schedule your workshop!