Workshops by Shannyn Snyder

fine arts, fun and crafts through interactive workshops


Workshops average $10 per participant with a required minimum, depending on the materials and preparation. The minimum cost is paid, even if students do not show up on the day of event.

That is, if you schedule a 20-participant workshop but only have 18 registered or only 14 show, a payment of $200 will still be due. Should you have 20 signed up but only 15 show up on the day of the event, a payment of $200 will still be due.

The number of participants is the maximum allowed on the day of the event, unless otherwise arranged. Because most programs require each person to have one of a particular item, I will often bring exactly that number. Some workshops have some supply "stretch", but this should not be assumed. Any overage in participants will need to be paid at the cost of $10/student, if approved by performer. Again, most workshops do not allow for time-of-program add-ons.

The following is my typical pricing unless otherwise noted in the listings:

$200 for 20 participants

$225 for 25 participants

$275 for 30 participants

$350 for 40 participants

Some workshops are not suitable for large groups. I am unable to accommodate groups over 40 participants.

I no longer offer 10-15 participant workshops, except for private birthday parties, but those are paid at the 15-participant rate. (*Mary Riley Styles and adult workshops are an exception, due to space and frequency of bookings)

All counties except for Prince William require a minimum of 20 participants, due to travel costs, unless noted in paragraph above. Unfortunately, due to supply cost and my time, it is not cost-effective for me to book less anymore. Sorry! Costs are only rising, not going down. :(